What is this?

Roboroast is a program that generates insults based on how you look. Upload a photo of yourself to see it in action!

Help, it doesn't detect my face!

For best results, make sure the subject's face is clearly visible and not too close to the camera, and the photo is brightly lit. There can only be one person in the photo.

How does it work?

The data is scraped from /r/RoastMe, a subreddit where people post pictures of themselves to be “roasted”. When you upload a picture, we run a facial matching algorithm to find previous posters on /r/RoastMe that look like you. If you’re interested in more technical details, read this article.


Roboroast is created by Andrei Danciulescu and Bai Li. We are 4th year Computer Science students at the University of Waterloo. For comments and concerns, email luckytoilet@gmail.com.